Newsletter – July 2022

Click here – the July Issue of  the Hiawatha newsletter is online!

There are articles on Parsnip, stream projects, stream water/health sampling, angler access path mowing, an Iowa stream project, our new TU-DARE Director Sara Strassman and a simple foam hopper pattern (with a video link). 

And – we’ve restarted our web presence.  The original domain name is still unavailable to us, so we got a new one: Thanks Shane Huston!

While we changed the name to the SE Mn Update –  we’re now including articles and info from Win-Cres TU and since its online – its getting shared across the region.  Want to contribute? Drop us an email.

Member Meeting:  Monday Aug 1, 6pm @ Lanesboro Hatchery

Board and Committee members needed.
Next HTU Board meeting 7/28, 6pm @ Sylvan Brewing in Lanesboro.

Please contact a current HTU Board member if you’d like to get involved, or reply to this email.