Newsletter – August 2023

Hope you’re all staying cool out there.

Our next Chapter Meeting will be September 11th, 7pm at 125Live in Rochester. Dustan Hoffman (MNDNR) and Dr. Jennifer Biederman (MNTU’s Statewide Habitat Program Director) will fill us in on the what, where, when and whys of stream restoration this year and next. 125Live is at 125 Elton Hills Dr in Rochester. A Zoom link will come out closer to the meeting.

We need more Chapter members to get involved in the Board of Directors. We could use more help with Communications and Work Day planning, as well as someone to take over the Roadside Cleanup from Larry Haugen, who’s headed that up forever. We could also use a couple of candidates for President and Vice President. If you’re interested and able to step up, please let us know.

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Upcoming Events
Monday, September 11, 7pm, 125Live – Chapter Meeting. Dustan Hoffman (MNDNR) and Jennifer Biederman (MNTU)
Monday, October 2 , 7pm, 125Live – Chapter Meeting. Program TBD
Monday, November 6, 7pm, 125Live – Chapter Meeting, Program TBD
Monday, December 4, 6pm, History Center – Holiday Potluck